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How do I get the editor to preview .rst files (reStructuredText)?  It does a Preview for .md (MarkDown).  What's even more interesting is that if I rename my .md to .rst, I still get the preview window (the Text/Preview tab at the bottom of the window) AND it previews .rst correctly.  It's just that when I reload PyCharm it doesn't give me a preview window for .rst.

It seems to be keying off of the file extension, but only providing Test/Preview tabs for .md and not .rst, even though the Preview actually supports .rst.

It doesn't render rst correctly for me when I use the extension change trick. But I agree with this issue, it would be great to have rst previews.


No response from jetbrains in over 3 years?! This feature would be really handy.

Come on jetbrains, don't disappoint me. A Python IDE without proper rST support is like a Francesinha without beef... i.e. NOT a Francesinha.


Hi Rui Jorge Rei! Please vote for corresponding feature request: PY-8472.


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