Is there a way to open multiple terminal tabs on project open?

When I open the project I would like to have 3 tabs automatically open in the built-in terminal. Ideally I would like to also be able to automatically set the name for each of the tabs, and execute a different command in each tab.

Is there any way to configure this?
You might be able to write an IDE plugin that does this but I don't think the base product can do it.

I am using WebStorm 2017.2.1 and I have this option.  Click the green plus sign to open multiple windows.



Jeremy has it right. This works in IntelliJ as well although the plus is no longer green in darcula.


@Adam, @Jeremy, I don't think that is what OP requested... He wants to open terminal tabs automatically when opening the project; something that is not possible in any of the IDEs by JetBrains...

Might be covered in issue as well; that covers persistent terminal tabs across sessions


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