Django VM Windows development and test environment

Could someone please, please, PLEASE, explain how to get pycharm to be able to run and debug django tests when running on a virtual machine?

There are many options that are nor explained in any detail and the whole environment seems for want of a better description, just cobbled together.
Obviously it is possible to use a windows machine with a Virtual Machine using virtualbox & vagrant which is a fairly typical development environment. But just trying to debug a django test seems to be near impossible.

Mappings? messages like the attached (pycharm.PNG) really dont make much sense especially without examples of some sort and

Project Default (Remote Python 2.7.3 (vagrant://C:\Users\chrisl\dev-vm\velocitydeploy/usr/bin/python)) is just irrational.

It doesn't get used which is a pity. I'm part of a development team of five and none of us can get this to work repeatedly with seemingly identical set-ups requiring different settings that seem to ebb and flow with the wind.

The concept isn't that hard to grasp but the present arrangement is very weakly implemented.

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