Extract Method so it appears below current method rather than above

I would like to be able to extract a method so that it appears below the current code.

In Clean Code, Robert Martin suggests structuring code to read from top to bottom with the highest level functions at the top of the file.

The way the refactoring currently works, you end up with the lowest level code at the top of the file. Obviously, I cut and paste into the position I want, afterwrds.

I can't see any way to configure refactorings generally, or specifically.

Many thanks.
Is it okay to bump? I don't want to appear rude :)

Please implement this. I really need this feature, too. I always have the move the new function from “above” to “below”.



It's been over 9 years…


Better late than never. I still need it.


We're ⅓ of a year away from the 10 year anniversary.

I use the professional edition. I'd have thought someone official would have responded before now, no-one's *that* busy.


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