Newbie question, where does console output appear

I am used to using the console and am just getting started with Pycharm, its  not obvious to me where the output from something like this would go;

import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv("c:/dev/data/csv/titanic/train.csv")

I know that plot() appears in a toolwindow when I call show() bot for the above in ipython this appears inline where does it appear in PyCharm,
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Hi. I am a newbie myself. I hope this answers your question. When you run your code, then the console output is displayed in a tab area at the bottom of the screen. You can open up the area by pressing Alt-4.
Also, if you run in debug mode (make sure you have a break point at some place) you get a tab area called Debug. You can bring this area up by pressing Alt-5. This debug  area has two tabs, one labeled "Debugger" and the other "Console". Each displays the relevant information. In the "Console" screen, you should see a button on the left that will give you access to the console command prompt, should you need it. Most things you will want to know (values of variables etc) can be obtained without the need to use print statement from the command prompt.
Let me know if you cant see these things, and I will post screen shots.
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Thanks yetta but when I do Alt-4 all that window shows with the above code is "Exit Code 0" it does not show the output of describe
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Again, just a suggestion.
Try creating a python file without using pandas.
Do something simple.  eg

a = 5
print("The value of a is ", a)
x=input("Press any key")  # or use raw_input if you are using version 2 of python

and then run the code. See if you can see the output in the console.
Assuming you do, and that you still dont see output from pandas, then at least you have found the console, even if you have a different problem to solve.

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