Commas and Enters not working in HTML

It's the weirdest thing, but there's one project that, when I open its root directory, won't allow me to type commas and hit enter on anything except inside SOME of the HTML comments. I also can't Command + click CSS classes to bring up the .css file that specific class is defined in. Not sure if that's related or not.

When I move the project to be inside the root of another project, everything works fine.

While the project is first indexing in PyCharm, everything works fine (for those few seconds before the indexing finishes). As soon as the indexing finishes, however, commas and enters stop working.

Everything works fine on a co-workers computer.

I've restarted PyCharm, my computer, nuked the project and re-cloned, all to no avail.

For now I'm working on it from within another project's directory so that I can at least type commas, enters, and Command + click the css classes, but if anyone has run into this problem before I would LOVE if you could offer a solution.


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