Which egg file to install for PyCharm remote debugging on v2.7.*?


I have set up PyCharm to do remote debugging.  But I am confused if I have imported the correct egg file to my remote host.  Things are working now, but that could be because I have a simple Python file to get me started.  According to http://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/webhelp/remote-debugging.html, in the "Remote debug with a Python Debug Server" section it says:

For remote debugging, PyCharm provides archives with pydev directory. Depending on the Python version, these archives are:
  • pycharm-debug.egg for Python up to version 2
  • 2.7+ pycharm-debug-py3k.egg for Python 3

Both bullet seem to indicate that they work with version 2.7.*.  Is this correct?  Which egg is best to use for 2.7.*?  If someone could please clarify which egg file to use for 2.7.0-2.7.8, that would be greatly appreciated.

Input from anyone would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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