'Parameter self unfilled' on calling a class method?

I love Resharper for C# and I'm loving the chance to try out PyCharm for Python (that I'm just starting to really learn), but there are a few oddities.. I am probably just doing something terribly wrong but I have this code (which PyCharm is marking as wrong):

class LogHelpers:
  # [.. stuff ..]
  class asserts:
    # [.. stuff ..]
    def Clear(self):
      # function code
    def IsTrue(self, bValue, assertSource, msgOnFail):
      # function code
logger = LogHelpers

[.. other file, imported in ..]
class Test_LogHelpers(unittest.TestCase):
  def test_assert_printClearandPrintEmpty(self):
      # PyCharm highlights back paranthesis:
      #   Parameter 'self' unfilled
  def test_assert_isTruePasses(self):
    logger.asserts.IsTrue(True, somevariable, "some message")
      # PyCharm highlights 'True':
      #   Expected type 'asserts', got 'bool' instead

Everything I'm reading on stackoverflow seems to suggest I'm calling this correctly, and I seem to be importing correctly (tests calling @staticmethods seem to work fine, auto-fill correctly finds the inner structures of LogHelpers).  I'm seeing only one instance of this error ( https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-4160 ) but it seems to be for Django and indicates that it is fixed.

Thoughts?  Am I doing something terribly silly?
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Never mind, figured it out.  It was not liking something in the code and was responding with an odd error - it was actually complaining that the sub-classes were not getting initialized.

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