IPython set up for new user with past experience with Spyder

I am a new user and am struggling to get to grips with Pycharm. It would be useful to have some tutorials to show how we can use Pycharm for scientific development.

Specifically, while my Interpreter is pointing to the Anaconda distribution and seems to pick up IPython automatically, when I type %matplotlib qt or %matplotlib inline, these requests seem to be accepted in the IPtyhon console, however when performing a plot, in the case of qt, the qt window is launched but it hangs and then I have to kill Pyhton as no chart is rendered (I am using the pythonw.exe).

Also, it would be really useful and convenient to have qt type windows (or the Pycharm native equivalent) to open and view data structures (i.e. lists, dicts, numpy arrays, matrices, pandas objects, ...). I dont think there is any reason why it cant be generic for any structure?

Finally, I am not sure if I have things configured correctly, but if I want to always run my scripts in an IPython shell, it seems I have to use 3 keys Alt-Shift-E, I quite like the ability to define my default setting to run each program / module in the existing IPython shell? Is this possible?

If these issues are already possible within Pycharm 3.4.1, I would appreciate if people could post the relevant links.

I get the impression .ipynb's are scheduled to Pycharm 4.0 so it would be appreciated if these issues could be folded into that development branch if they don't exist in the 3.4.1
Many thanks

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