Pop up Phyton.exe in PyCharm

Good Morning Community!

I have a little Problem. Always when I write my source code in PyCharm opens the python.exe several times one after the other. Could any of you have an idea to help me?

While writing it is very disturbing.

I am very grateful for any help.
I'm not sure I understand what is your problem. Can you clarify what "open the python.exe" means? Is it opening a new terminal window with a >>> prompt? Are you talking about when you click Run or Debug? In that case you might need to check the "Single Instance Only" option in the run configuration. If that's not what you mean, perhaps provide some screenshots that illustrate what's happening.
I have uploaded a screenshot that shows my Problem. Like said, while i write a little programm it always opens the python.exe. I assume it is a '>>> promt' like you suggested. I would like to try your solution but can you show me where to find it?

Maybe this solves it. :D

Neue Bitmap.bmp
I don't see the screenshot. You should edit your post to include the image. See the 'Wiki help' link in the post editor.

My 'solution' refers to the Run Configuration, which is what tells PyCharm what to do when you click Run (or Debug). See Run menu -> Edit Configurations. Are you clicking Run or Debug when this unexpected prompt comes up? Otherwise I have no idea what you're talking about.
I am very sorry for not knowing how to make this picture visible. To answer your Question, no I do not need even to klick on run or debug for opening this Window. In the Picure above i was only writing and it shows itself serveral times.

When I klick on Run then it opens the Window as you see above as long as the programm is running, if I 'close' the programm the window does is as well...
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Hi David, try to turn off PEP8 code style violations inspection in Settings. Also please file an issue to our tracker https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/PY with your logs attached (Help | Show logs).
When launching a script from PyCharm, either for simple running or debugging, how can I make it open up a dedicate shell terminal instead of using PyCharm's built in Output window?

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