Problems with new PyCharm 4

I downloaded and installed latest PyCharm 4 and found couple of (visual) problems with it:

1. Main menu behave unusual. I can't click on any of menu item, menu drops down and closes when I release mouse button.

2. Mouse pointer over upper part of text is shown as pointer, not a I-beam.

3. Toolbar dropbox window with project configurations open far below toolbar.

I don't know if it's problem with Java version. PyCharm 3 was working like a charm, without any of above problems. Anyway, I will revert to PyCharm 3 until this is fixed.

Please advise what to do.

Running Linux Mint 17 MATE 64bit.

Edit: I attached About window screenshot, but it's not visible when i publish the post. So, here it is:
Have you tried JRE 1.8?
Unfortunatelly, the same problems with JRE 1.8. I need to revert to PyCharm 3.x.

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