matplotlib still doesn't work

I think you still have work to do either on the code or the documentation (which is pretty much non-existent on this feature).

I have a bunch of examples which you are welcome to have for debugging purposes.  Either debugging Pycharm or, just as likely, debugging my code so I can get it to work.

This code works when run in python or python via a terminal session.

1.  With "run" the code starts, plot windows open with the right plot, but code doesn't seem to continue unless I rerun.  Plot windows draw properly and matplotlib controls in the window frame work.

2.  In python console (ipython), the code runs but the plot windows open blank.  When I click on these plot windows, Pythongui has hung.  Infinite spinning beachball.  As the code continues, new plot windows are opened, but each has the same exact problems.

Let me know the best way to get you the code. I'll need to send you some datafiles as well or it won't work.  I can package in a zip per project. None are very large.  It's machine learning with optimization, but on a decent machine the slowest is under a minute.

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