Does PyCharm have any support?

I've been using the Komodo IDE for a while and I've been trying out PyCharm.  PyCharm has a lot of great features which I'd be happy to pay for if I could imagine that I would ever get answers to a handful of basic questions.  I've asked them here and on Stack Overflow and nothing.  Perhaps historically there have been some comments by PyCharm people here but it looks like very few people even use this forum.

I see that there are plenty of other people who ask questions which would be trivially answered by a PyCharm person and those also are barely viewed.

The most frustrating part is not knowing whether this is temporary because they are busy or just the nature of the JetBrains ecosystem.  If the latter, I could just continue using Komodo without any regret that there is something better.
When debugging your project, you can open the referring objects view for a desired object during runtime. In the debug mode, right-click the object in the "Variables" window and select "Show Referring Objects."
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Hi Mitch, that is a community forum and you can post here all questions related to Python development with PyCharm in order to get any advice from community. The questions here get some attention from PyCharm team, but it is definitely not an official support. If you'd like to contact JetBrains support, it's better to address your questions to It is guarantied that you'll get a reply fast enough.
Thanks.  I'll give it a try.

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