Pycharm Resolution Problem

i have a computer with 1080*1920 resolution.
whenever i run pycharm, everything looks blurred.

what can i do (excepy of change to lower resolution)?
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Same problem here. However all looks normal for CLion. But for PyCharm, RubyMine, WebStorm and IntellijIdea all looks blurred..
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Follow those steps:
1. Get out of PyCharm
2. Find the PyCharm icon in your computer (like desktop icon, etc.)
3. Click right-click -> Properties
4. Go to the compatibility tab.
5. There is a "High-DPI Scaling" box. click it. (I do not remeber if it should be checked or unchecked, but it's the opposite of what you have now).
6. Enter PyCharm.

This will cause very little font.
For a bigger font, follow this guide:

The same problem occured to me in many other apps: intellij idea, skype, ccleaner, python shell and many more.
This solution works for all of those (follow the same steps on another app icon).

NOTE: all of this is correct for windows.

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I had this issue - caused by having my laptop (1920 X 1080) plugged into a secondary monitor (1920 x 1080). The laptop screen is smaller, and so scaled to 125% (On Windows 10). When pycharm opens it opens on the main screen (laptop in this case) then when I move it over to the secondary monitor the font size is messed up and it's extremely blurry.


If I drop the laptop screen scaling to 100%, the problem goes away.


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