Bug in executing selection in console (short cut:Ctrl+Alt+E)

During debug sessions I switch a lot between the editor to the debug session in the console. In fact I write most of my code in the console because it provides me with immediate feedback (still manipulating symbols but at least not so blindly anymore). If something works in the console I copy it to the editor, work on the next statement and execute this in the console. Change it in the console until it works and then switch back.

For switching from the debug console to the editor I use the Esc key.
For switching from the editor to the console I use the 'Execute selection in console' functionality, with my kep mapping this is the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+E.

However after updating to PyCharm 4.03 the functionality 'Execute selection in console' doesn't work anymore. Please advice on how I can restore this (beside switching back to 3.4)

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This issue has been bothering me a lot too. I finally made a bug report (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-21977)


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