How to remove old virtualenv

I am new to all of this and somehow created a couple of virtualenv's that are no longer there. In PyCharm they still appear. How do I remove?
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Please, go to Settings| Project| Project interpreter| Click cogwheel| More and remove the selected interpreter from the list of available interpreters.
Also you can check our webhelp:
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They are not listed in the Default Settings or the Settings for the Local Project.

If I go into the Run/Debug connections they are all listed there. Not sure how to get rid of them.
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I have the same problem as the poster, but as I follow instructions offered by Anna (see above) and click on the little cog wheel next to the unwanted virtual environment I do not see a REMOVE option or a MORE option. The only options offered by the cog wheel are:

  • Add local
  • Show all

No option for removing the environment.

Help !!!

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"show all", select venv to delete and press -

then clean files inside venv


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