Stop pycharm window auto-focusing (on MS windows)


A serious annoyance with PyCharm, at least on my windows 8, not sure if this happens with linux as well:

On certain actions, PyCharm chooses to switch my focus from whichever window I currently am (e.g. my browser window) to the PyCharm window. Words cannot describe how annoying this is, when for instance I am typing something in a different window only to end up typing it in the Pycharm window, possibly triggering one of the billion shortcuts pycharm has with results that are in the best case annoying, in the worst case disastrous.

The actions that I found Pycharm to do this are: debugger reaching a breakpoint (makes some sense), vagrant/remote debugger performing an SSH action (makes zero sense)

Can you disable this? At least add a system setting that disables this.

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