Flask variable mis-identified in the code editor

Hi - I am creating a flask website and exchanging variables between the browser and site - for example some of the jquery has varname in the middle of it
The editor has decided that the syntax is invalid which stops it finding real syntax errors in the rest of the code as in jquery the editor is interpreting the curly brackets to be structural!

Is there any way to get the editor to recognise the jinja2 variables please??

I've tried editing the jquery both inline and in a separate file

Here's a snippet - after this - the editor become useless in terms of spotting errors as these cause RED issues - from the first set of {{ onwards

function setup_data() {
      var prefix = "#cb_";
      var l_prefix = "#cbl_";
      var days_arr = days_arr ;
      var o_o_flat_arr = o_o_flat_arr ;
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In posting this reply all the double curly brackets have been removed in the code snippet - however the are around days_arr and o_o_flat_arr - std jinja2 syntax

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