Using PyCharm with Anaconda

So... I know its possible to use Anaconda (or miniconda) as the python interpreter for a project inside PyCharm - I've gotten it to work in both Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04 with no problems.  
Now... I'd really like to be able to take advantage of the very slick interface in PyCharm for setting up virtual environments and managing the packages in those virtual environments.  Again, I know its possible to install `pip` and `virtualenv` using `conda` from the command line.  I would presume that it would be possible to use the Pycharm interface to those tools to manipulate things normally at that point, but it seems like the Anaconda community really pushes using their tool, for what I assume are good reasons.

I'm curious about is what it would take to extend PyCharm to use `conda` to install packages and manage virtual environments?  Would the Anaconda folks be interested in something like that, to allow a smoother marriage between their python distribution and something like say, PyCharm Community Edition (free and open source version)?  Or would it be something more suited for the PyCharm developers?  I'm pretty sure its something beyond my meager abilities, but it sure seems like something that could have some value.

(BTW, I am cross-posting this to both the Anaconda mailing list on Google Groups, and the Jetbrains::PyCharm support forum)
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Hi Monte,

Did you have any luck doing this?




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