Python Interpreter - switching between Windows and Mac

Hello everyone,

I use PyCharm on Windows and Mac. My project folder is a Dropbox folder so I can work on both platforms on the same project without manually syncing. The problem is that each PyCharm installation has a different python interpreter path (C:\... on WIndows and /usr/local/bin/... on the Mac) so whenever I switch OS I have to re-specify to PyCharm which interpreter to use. How can I solve this?

Thanks in advance.
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Initially I had the same problem when switching between Windows, OS X and Linux, using a PyCharm project under source control.

I solved it by renaming the interpreter to "Default" before choosing it as project interpreter once on each platform.

Only the name of the interpreter is stored with the project files, making it possible to use different interpreters on each platform using identical project files.

Works like a charm for me so far.
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Thanks David! Thank God only the name is stored in the file. I renamed my interpreters to 'python27' and 'python34' on both machines and now things work as expected.

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