Windows 7 Firewall "blocked" unspecified "features" upon startup

Hi!  I just updated PyCharm to 4.0.4 (the following may have been true when originally installing 4.0, I forget), and upon start-up was informed by Windows that unspecified features were blocked by Windows Firewall.  When I searched the PyCharm KB for "Firewall," I got one hit:, which lists eight "Common Errors," eight "Internet and local network related activity in the IDE" effects, and links to a list of 183 reported issues "related" to this problem, BUT, it isn't clear that all- -or any- -of these are related to the issue of Windows Firewall blocking some features.  So I'm left wondering: A) is this specific problem- -Windows Firewall blocking some features- -a known issue, and B) precisely which features am I missing due to this blockage, and what functionality do those features provide?  In other words: what, exactly, am I missing?  Thanks for the clarification.


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