PyCharm debugger not working in some files

Hi all,

I'm new to PyCharm (running 4.0.4), and I'm having a problem getting it to stop on most breakpoints (but it does stop on some breakpoints).

I imported an existing Django project, during which PyCharm seems to have created a run/debug configuration for me automatically. It successfully launches my server and browser, and the console says "Connected to pydev debugger (build 139.1001)". However, it only stops on breakpoints in Django code. For some reason it's ignoring all breakpoints in my own project's code.

I've attached a screenshot of my run/debug configuration. What am I missing? This seems like it should be so simple.

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I found a solution!

I noticed in the PyCharm console that two processes were being launched when I clicked PyCharm's "Debug" button (the little green bug). I had a hunch that the debugger was only attaching to the first process, which is why certain breakpoints would hit (those in the first process) and others would not (those in the second process). With some help from Google, I determined that it would be necessary to check the "No reload" option in the debug configuration (it's not checked in the screenshot above), and the "Attach to subprocess automatically while debugging" option in the preferences:


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