annoying editor behavior on Yosemite

I recently switched from a Windows machine to a Mac running Yosemite.

On the windows machine copy/paste (for example) was easy and straight forward. On Yosemite things are everything but easy and straightforward.

Concrete example: I try to highlight a block of code but I can't just drag the cursor from beginning to end of the block I want to copy I actually have to extend the selected area to the length of the longest line. Once copied I want to paste that code. Well, it pastes it alright, albeit 10 times. When I paste it before some other code, that code gets deleted.

I have never seen such weirdness in the windows version.

What is going on here?
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Maybe you should check whether you have Column Selection Mode turned on? Find it in the 'Edit' menu; it has the short cut keys CMD-SHFT-8 in my Mac OS X (10.5) keymap. In the Mac OS X (sec) keymap it has short cut key I do not understand...
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Thanks Roger!

That worked. I have no idea how it ever got activated (given the key combination).

Time for me to spend more time with the PyCharm manual. Faith in PyCharm restored.


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