Cannot step into imported module/class - debugger says "frame not available"

I'm trying to debug a Python script where a module/class (I'm new to Python, so I'm not sure which word is the right one in this scenario) is imported in the beginning.
Debugging works great so far - however, when I try to follow/step into a method call of the imported module/class the debugger still doesn't jump into the according sourcecode, even though it's still possible to step further with F7/F8 seeing the content of the according variables evolve as expected. Somehow it seems as if the debugger didn't find the according sourcecode.

Currently I'm doing an evaluation between PyCharm and WingIDE and WingIDE seems to have no problems on this. However, as I'm wanting/planning to go with PyCharm I wanted to know if this issue is a bug, a typical behavior for PyCharm, or if I have to do some configuration somewhere?

Thx in advance,

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Are you sure pycharm has the source for the file ? See for instance my woes here:

Module is a module - that is a _file_ - a class is a class - that is a `class YourClass(...):` piece of code inside a module
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The called code gets incuded by the following instruction: "from pymisp import PyMISP"

However, the PyMISP code needs to be installed by a setup routine before (which I did, and it works without a problem besides the step-into-issue).
This compiles and copies the code to "C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\...".
The code that gets included at runtime is from there.
So, maybe this is something the IDE can't handle? Although I wonder, because WingIDE does not have any issues with that constellation.

(Btw., the spamfilter in this forum seems to dislike the word "prob lems"! (had to split it up to be able to post this)
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Any ideas on this? - My trial is going to expire the next days and this issue is like a show-stopper for me as I will have to deal with such "scenarios" more often I guess.

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