DISREGARD: PyCharm CE Giving "exit code 1" on error, but no error information

Never mind. I discovered it was an import I was using (pexpect) that is catching all exceptions.

I am actually trying to debug a much larger module and it quits without telling me anything, even a line number, so I have to set breakpoints, run, if it hits it set another breakpoint farther down, if it DOESN'T hit it, set another breakpoint further up and restart. VERY tedious.

I have reproduced the problem with this trivial code:
x = 7
y = z

Note that 'z' has not been initialized. If I try to run this in PyCharm it terminates and the console screen shows:

C:\Python27\python.exe C:/Users/Me/PycharmProjects/huh/huh.py

Process finished with exit code 1

It doesn't give any error message at all. Knowing me, it's probably some config error I've made, but it is a pretty fresh install of PyCharm community edition (4.0.4).

Any suggestions?

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