import / interpreter problem

I'm having trouble with importing packages. For example, I have psycopg2 installed on my machine, but when I do import psycopg2 it claims it doesn't exist. The script runs perfectly in a shell, but not in pycharm.

Looking closer at the sys.path, I can see that they're not the same in the shell and when I run it from pycharm. Yet, the product preferences claim I'm using the correct version of python (/usr/bin/python) and that psycopg2 is there. (I've attached a screenshot of my project preferences)

Whats even more strange is that my scripts worked fine on friday, but none of them work since. Any script using some kind of external library fails. I can only presume I accidentally changed something, but I dont remember doing anything and I can't find a way back.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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oops, forgot the screenshot.

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