Updating skeletons in pycharm and kivy

I want to use kivy in pycharm. After I add python.bat in "Project Interpreter", it takes about 20 min to Update skeletons. Everything is ok till here but after I close pycharm and open again, pycharm wants to update skeletons again forcing me to wait for 20 min everytime. What should I do?
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PyCharm should generate skeletons for binary Python modules only once per Python interpreter. It regenerates them if there are any changes to binary modules. Please file a bug report to our issue tracker and attach the contents of your log folder (see "Help | Show Log in ...").

Note that PyCharm doesn't provide special support for Kivy now, you can vote for PY-8238 and read a guide by Kivy that lists a couple of workarounds for making Kivy work in PyCharm.

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