Provide pre-configured ".idea" directory to users


we have above thousand individual packages / software projects with a number of people working on them. For us it is a bit cumbersome to create the necessary PyCharm settings each time (such as: codestyle, inspection-settings,...).

I would like to create a script which auto-generates the ".idea" content so that users can immediately start to work with the typical settings pre-configured.

So far I created ".idea/codeStyleSettings.xml" which seems to be used :-)

However when generating files under ".idea/inspectionProfiles/" the directory and all files within will be deleted by PyCharm. Do these inspection settings need to be "registered" anywhere else, e.g. the workspace.xml?
HRIEU-codestyle-4.5.xml (1013B)
HRIEU-inspections-4.5.xml (3.1KB)
profiles_settings.xml (235B)
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I got it working by providing the inspection settings within the user's home directory (~/.PyCharm40), and set PROJECT_PROFILE within .idea/inspectionProfiles/profiles_settings.xml

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