Cumulative code coverage results are not cumulative

At one point, I set the option to automatically clear code coverage results so that I could save a little time.

Now I need the cumulative results.  When I change the settings option, 'Settings/Build, Execution, Deployment/Coverage', selecting 'Show options before applying coverage to the editor', nothing changes.  I've gone through all the options on that page individually without seeing a difference.  Including closing and restarting PyCharm.  

Suggestions are welcome.  I'm using PyCharm 4.0.5, we recently decided not to renew our licenses to save a little money, so upgrading isn't an option at this time.  :(
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This seems to have solved itself.  It isn't clear what changed, it seems as though something needed time to propagate to its proper place.  ??  Maybe it was logging out overnight...

I'd still be interested in thoughts or ideas as to what happened.

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