Changing from Python 64-bit to 32-bit

Hi, I am a beginner programmer using Pycharm Educational Edition. I am currently using Python 3.4 64-bit on Windows 8, however I would like to change it to 32-bit (as I would like to use a package that only works on 32-bit Python). Would anyone be able to tell me how to make the switch?
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When installing Pycharm Education Edition it does not give you a choice whether you want 64 or 32-bit Python, it just downloads 64-bit Python by default, but how can we change it to 32??
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You can change your interpreter in Settings| Project Interpreter. Please, also check PyCharm webhelp:
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BTW, if you are using a 32-bit Linux system, you can do the following:


1. tar -xzvf <insert-pycharm-tarball-file-name here> # eg. tar -xzvf pycharm-community-2016.2.3.tar.gz

2. cd <unpacked-pycharm-dir-here>                       # eg. cd 'pycharm-community-2016.2.3'

3. cd jre/

4. mv jre jre_bak

5. ln -s /etc/alternatives/jre_1.8.0 jre                      # You must have JDK 1.8 32-bit installed via your usual package manage (ie                                                                              # YUM)

6. cd ..

7. ./


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