Problems with quickfix for missing feature steps

Hi all:

I have a large set of .feature files that I am importing into a PyCharm project. The BDD environment for the project is set to behave. PyCharm correctly reports that step definitions are missing for each of the steps in the features. However, if I try to use the quickfix to resolve this, as described in JetBrains documentation at, I note the following behaviours:

1. If the step file is absent (i.e. step/ for the feature in foo.feature), PyCharm offers to create it, and places a step definition for the (single) step that is in context. It also offers to add the newly created file into SCM.

2. If the step file is present when a quickfix is applied, then PyCharm complains that the step file already exists.

The screenshots in the webpage above seem to suggest that it should instead offer to create a new step file or allow an existing step file to be selected and updated. Is this not the case? Am I missing something obvious here? Is there a better way to bulk-create the missing step definitions?

Larry Gadallah
Impinj Inc.

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