PyCharm Edu Support for Multiple Users

Our Youth Center will always have more kids than computers.  Does the EDU version somehow support multiple users on the same machine?  For example, this week Jill is ready for Task 40, but when Jack gets the machine, he'll be continuing from Task 13.

Are users supported with "accounts" that can be redirected to cloud storage?  For example, last week Jill was working on Machine01, but this week she'll login and continue her lesson on Machine08.

Yep, I'm a newbie.  So apologies if I missed this answer elsewhere.
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Hi Scott,

I do not know if Pycharm support multi user profiles (probably not). But being a free product, you can download and install in a shared folder.

Setting pycharm in the default users path, every user will be able to run it, and every user will get created a $HOME/.WebIdde100 folder with its own defaults.

Probably every user archivements will be stored there and you will need only to have as much users registered in the machine as students in the class.

To have all the users added in every single machine of a class room is a mess, so I would recommend you to set up an Microsoft Active Directory (or LDAP under Linux) to have all the users centralized in a single server and shared folders for their home folders.


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