Exporting 'Find' results?

Hi Everyone!

We have a large Python project which makes heavy use of the event/subscriber model. I would like to create documentation which lists every event we use.

The easiest way I've found to start is just to search through our source code for uses of our post() method. So I can do that in PyCharm and get a beautiful list of search results.

Problem is those results are locked in PyCharm. Does anyone know if it's possible to export those results.. text, html, xml.. whatever?

Of course I could write a script that scans all the source code, but the Pycharm find results are better because they figure out the proper classes (so we're only getting the post() usages we care about), and they can handle lines of Python code broken across multiple lines, etc.

So if there's a way to just dump the find results to a file, that'd be great!


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