Troubleshooting Dependencies in Virtual Environments


I've created a new project which includes a git cloned repository, but am having two issues that I can't seem to resolve...

1. Dont't seem to be referencing a Python Interpreter, though I've configured it in my project setup steps and see it in its settings.

2. When I run in debug mode, which I believe runs within the Python console, the import statements are trying to find the modules in /var/mail rather than where they where cloned into my virtual environment.

Help!  :)

Thanks for any guidance,
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If you created your Run/Debug configuration before setting the project interpreter, your configurations might still be pointed at some other interpreter. Can you edit the Run Configuration and see if it is pointed the correct interpreter?

Re-reading your note, though...when you say "Don't seem to be referencing a Python Interpreter", perhaps you mean in your editing and intellisense instead of your run configurations.
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Thanks Paul!  I already figured this one out... it seems I needed to run a pip install for a cloned repo package that I was dependent upon.  Thanks so much for your help- I'm sure your guidance will be helpful in general for me.

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