Integrating AWS CodeCommit with PyCharm

I have very recently switched from using Github to AWS's CodeCommit as my versioning platform since CodeCommit still uses git and is cheaper for hosting the number of private repositories I would like to have.

Now that I've made this change, I would like to maintain my development environment (PyCharm). However, I cannot seem to find how to integrate CodeCommit as the VCS within PyCharm.

Has anyone performed this integration? Or does anyone have any suggestions on where to begin?

Sorry, I've never used CodeCommit, though it looks pretty neat. What's your experience with it so far, positive?

It claims to work fine with your existing Git tools, so you should be able to use it fine in PyCharm. You don't get the "GitHub" part of the equation, which means you should be able to use the existing Git support.

Does VCS -> Checkout from Version Control -> Git work?

My opinion of CodeCommit is that it serves the purpose of a VCS and while it's significantly cheaper for private repos than Github, you lose a number of features (for which each user will have different options). CodeCommit does not show your commit history through its web interface, nor does it have a place for PRs or Issues. For small teams, this is not a problem (as is my case); however, I imagine this may be much less ideal for larger dev groups.

Back to CodeCommit's integration with Pycharm... I have gotten Pycharm to work with the CodeCommit repo. So all the `git` options within the IDE function, but the setup process I followed is less than ideal. In order to `start` a project, you must navigate to your PycharmProjects directory and clone your repo, then go into Pycharm and create a new project and name it the same as your repo (thus the same as the folder created through your clone). Pycharm will tell you that that project already exists and then prompt you to open it. Say yes and then you're good to go!

...I stand corrected... I type all this prior to reading your last line. `VCS -> Checkout from Version Control -> Git` does in fact work. However, since Mac wants to use Keychain to remember your creds, you have to Deny it access to use your saved creds because AWS key/secrets get you a credential that has a lifetime of 15 minutes.

Thanks for responding! Now I know the easier way to checkout a project!

If this question is still relevant for anyone,

In your terminal simply go to working directory of your project and do

git remote set-url origin LINK_TO_CODE_COMMIT

And you can continue using vcs tools as usual


Go to the page of your repositories:
Click the radio-button next to your repo, then choose 'Clone URL' > 'Connection steps'.
Choose a HTTPS , SHH or HTTPS (GRS) tab.


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