Can't configure code coverage report to ignore missing files

We're using pycharm 4.5.3 professional, but can't find a way of using the "ignore_errors" command line option available in coverage package bundled with PyCharm. We can see the results in the Coverage window, but can't generate an HTML report due to source files that should be ignored but are not.

Details: cannot get the code coverage report for some unit tests: tests that create a temporary python script (in the TEMP folder) that gets run, and then script removed automatically. The results show up fine in PyCharm, the temp scripts are not there. But when I "Generate coverage report", and the progress panel shows up, it closes after a few seconds without showing any progress, and an error message box appears:

Report wasn't generated in C:\...myproj\testing\coverage_report
No source for code: 'C:\...myproj\src\abc_192423136': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\...myproj\src\abc_192423136'

The missing source code is for one of the temp scripts. We're using the bundled per Settings. I see that it (the file PyCharms helpers\coverage\ supports the report configuration option "ignore_errors" but I can't find a way of using this.

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