PyCharm (on OSX 10.10.5) modifies permissions on mounted nfs files on file update

I use PyCharm on OSX 10.10.5.

My project files are on an nfs share, which is mounted to /Volumes/<something> and opened in PyCharm.  Permissions on a text file (code, or whatever) are set on the remote network to be 755.  After I edit the file in PyCharm the remote network shows the everybody execute permission is removed.  Incidentally on the local view of /Volumes/<something>/stuff.txt in a terminal window the file shows no change to the permissions.

Why is this happening and how can I make it stop.

And why can't I find any trace of anyone else complaining of this problem?

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Sounds like I have the same problem; but I do not use NFS.  And on my systems, it changes the owner and the group, in addition to the permissions.
For example, I have a source file called  It has owner testunit and group dev, with permissions set to 0755.
When PyCharm saves the file, it changes the owner and group to be me (i.e. jsmith) and the permissions are changed to 0644.
This causes our test system to crash, because the system does not have permission to access files owned by jsmith and is no longer executable.

These are my 2 systems:
Ubuntu 14.04.3
Mac OS X 10.10.5

Both systems use:
PyCharm CE v4.5.4, Build #PC-141.2569

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