Quick documentation does not show variable type

Hi there!
Quick documentation is a really useful feature in an IDE, and I love it in CLion but I'm experiencing some issues.
It usually states where is the variable/method declared and shows its signature and type, but if the method or function has a comment on top or behind its declaration, it just shows the comment information (which is mainly the documentation), but in that case it does not show the type and its declaration, so you have to go to de definition in the code (for instance with the "edit source" button).

I would find it really useful to have the declaration source and its type or signature along with the textual documentation. Is this possible to configure this in CLion?

Thank you!

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Could you please attach a screenshot?

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Of course! I just made a quick example to illustrate it.

For instance, if the declaration (in the .h) has no comment:
Then in the cpp the quick documentation in the .cpp says:

Which I find really useful. But, if the declaration in the .h has a comment in the same line or in the previous one as in:

Then in the .cpp it shows:


So, if the field is documented it shows the documentation (which is awesome) but it does not show the type of it nor where it is declared. I think it'd be perfect if it showed both the documentation and the definition. It seems this does not happen with local variables (in which case it does not seem to show the comments around its declaration).

I am using CLion 1.2.2, I think I did not mention it in the previous message.

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So should this be the expected behavior? Is there any way to also get the type information when the variable or method is commented?



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