Trying to set CLion to start with .c file and correct CMAKE at start


Hi all,

I'm just starting out with prgramming C and I'm trying to get to grips with CLion as my chosen IDE.

Can anyone tell me what settings I need to change to make CLion open a .c file and the correct CMAKE parameters for C instead of C++ by default?


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Now CLion supports automatic creation of C++ projects only, but you can choose the preferred C/C++ source/header files extensions via File | Settings | Editor | Code Style | C/C++ | New File Extensions. You can find out more details in CLion web help: As for the CMakeLists.txt you should change extension of main.cpp in set command manually.

Also we have a feature request about C project creation in the tracker:
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We've added C project template in CLion 2016.3.2 EAP. Please, read more details in our blog: Your feedback is more than welcome!


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