Can´t evaluate Clion on windows 7 (Cmake errors)


I am trying to evaluate the Clion on windows but I get a ton of errors regarding cmake... during install also and at the properties, i will post some screenshots:

It is also noting that I also tried to use evry combination of MinGW/Cygwin/CMAKE with bundle and download versions.... I really cant make a hello world :-/

And yes I already reinstalled everything and deleted the appdata cmake under users\clion

thanks in advance!






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it is also worth noting that I don´t have much experience on using those tools outside visual studio (actually Im learning c++ now)

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Hi Bruno.

You are right, you have two options on Windows: Cygwin or MinGW. More details on how to configure these toolchains:

• Cygwin: Get the latest available 64-bit version and make sure to select gcc/g++, cmake, make and gdb 7.8 while installing the packages.
• MinGW: CLion currently supports MinGW and MinGW-w64. See the compatible versions list in our quick start guide.
In addition, don’t forget to install make and gcc/g++ packages from MinGW toolchain to make it work with CLion.
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Actually... I am really sorry about this one, I didn´t configure the enviroment accordally... (I didn´t know I had to and how to)

I found this really usefull step-by-step tutorial.... (You should do the steps 3 at least)

I think Jetbrains could put hose infos on the documentation for the realling Begginers :^O

I think now is working fine

Thanks again!

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Hi Bruno.

Thanks for the suggestion, we are working on it right now! Feel free to send us reports if some problems occur.


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