Line limit in Run window

My run window output seems to have a 120-char line limit on it, lines are word-wrapped if they exceed it.  How do I turn it off?

Also this behaviour is only on Windows, I have no such issue on Linux.

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you can do one of the following, at your choice:

1. Disable PuTTY. On the main menu, open Help | Find Action and then enter registry in the search string. In the Registry dialog that opens, find the run.processes.with.pty key (you can type .pty for quick search) and uncheack it. Note, that for Windows you will not have the colored console in this case.
2. If you prefer to have the color console available: go to your CLion folder and find the clion64.vmoptions.exe file (for example, in my configuration the path to that file is C;\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\CLion 1.2.2\bin\clion64.exe.vmoptions). Open the file for editing and add the following string
-Dwin.pty.cols=xxx, where xxx is the desired number of characters in a string.
Note, that string shall be grouped with the similar ones, e.g the ones that start with -D.


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