Configuring a different toolchain/debugger

I use an ARM cross compiler toolchain: /ust/local/gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_9-2015q2.

I have the program compiled with debug symbols up and running on the board attached to my USB connection and it works using gdb.

I succeed in starting up a debugger server session:

jlinkgdbserver -device nrf51822 -if swd -speed 4000 -noir -port 2331

and can connect and debug using
How can I get this config to work with CLion in order to benefit from step debugging using the UI?

Many thanks!
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Hi Itamar.

Cross-compiling isn't supported yet. Feel free to ocmment or upvote a feature request in the tracker:

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Thank you Anna,

It seems that you're really close thjough: We can already specify the toolchain, and customise the debugger - so it's a matter of communicating with the JLink debugger process for stepping through code.
I'll upvote!



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