Pressing Ctrl F doesn't move focus on input box Clion 1.2


I've just updated Clion to version 1.2 and these are the problems with this version:

Arrow keys on the keypad do not move the cursor along the text.  
This problem was also in version 1.1.1 but was hoping for a fix.

When using dual monitors and split a document on the first monitor vertically and move
the document to the second monitor and then press Cntrl f, the focus isn't moved to the find window
in the top left of the document.  This problem did not occur in version 1.1.1.

Ubnutu 14.04 (64 bit).
Graphic card Nvidia GTX 750 Ti

Thanks for any help.

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Hi Charles.

Thanks for reporting! We have these issues in the tracker already:
Feel free to comment or upovte.


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