Unable to disable any code inspection rules of type "error"

I would like to globally disable error indication for "Non-const function calls". I however am unable to find any error types in the inspection profile configuration screen. All that I can configure there are warnings.

Can someone please point me into the right direction to find the solution to my problem...

I am currenty under the impression that it is impossible to disable any error code inspection rules in CLion :-(

CLion version 1.2

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Hi Michael.

Could you please send us an example so we can reproduce the problem on our side?
Also please try using 'Alt+Enter' for the inspection. Will it be able to choose 'Suppressed ...' option from the list for your case?

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Here my situation:

- The Issue I am having with a given inspection error is that it can be argued (from the standpoint of const correctness).whether it is a valid error or not.
- The error apears due to the fact that a member function that i want to use is contained in a class which is held by a "const" shared pointer.
- The Inspection therfore assumes that the member itself is const and offers to make the member function const.

This is a valid assumption but both cases are valid and I want to use the const shared pointer case.

Here a short sudo code example:


const std::shared_ptr<MyClass> spam_;


int getValue() {
  return value_;


#include "Example.h"

void MyOtherClass::myFunction() {
  auto value = spam_->getValue();

Here my question:

How can I disable this specific or any error rule that is not compile time relevant?


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