Navigating through cmake files

I've discovered that if I have a line like


in my CMakeLists.txt, I can command-B on the "file.cmake" part and it will open that file in a new panel.  However I've noticed that if I have something like:

file (STRINGS "${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}/../etc/other.config" MANIFEST)

I can't use command-B to get a panel with other.config in it.  Is there some other way of navigating to it that I'm missing?

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Hi Jacob.

The problem didn't reproduce in my environment. Could you please share your project so we can take a look at what is going on?

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Investigating further on my end, it appears that the problem was because I was trying to navigate out of a file that didn't have a .cmake extension (the cmakelists.txt file included another file, which referenced a third, and it was this second file that I couldn't navigate out of).  So this is in the 'user error' category and I'll rename my files.

Thanks for looking!


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