version control error in latest EAP


since recently switching to the newest EAP build, I am repeatedly seeing a strange error appear at the bottom of the changes view. I am using Git version control. Last time this happened, I reverted a file shown in the changes view, and a line with red text appeared at the bottom of the view, which was too long to read, and it was not possible to select and copy the text. The text started with "fatal" and talked about something "outside the path". The reverted file was still shown in the view, although the diff showed no changes. When I tried to commit all files, I got a huge commit dialog (maybe 2x as wide as my monitor) which showed the error message at the bottom of the dialog again. It was not possible to resize the dialog, and commit was also not possible. I then terminated Clion and started again. Now the reverted file was gone from the changes view, and commit went through.


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In case you face it again, could you please send us the screenshots of that message and log?

Thanks in advance

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not sure that this will happen, as I have meanwhile found the EAP getting extremely slow with certain operations (editing macros) that it was unusable and I was forced to switch back to 1.1.1. I am on a pretty large code base


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