featuritis, but ...

featuritis, but templete variables are still not implemented.
i am really disappointed. now you have tons of features but
not time to implement template variables ?
why do you offer them in dialog for more than 1/2 year ?

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Sorry for the inconvenience, Olaf.
Currently we are reviewing the list of predefined functions in live templates: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/CPP-4368. Most of them are working as far as we see now, some are still missing but we are planning to fix this soon. Please, share your thoughts and comments in the issue, so that we could pay attention to some exact samples you are intersted in. And in case some functions are not working correctly for you, pls, add a sample in comments - we'll investigate.
Thank you in advance!

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I need implementation of Expression "classNameComplete()".
Main purpose for me is logging code.
For Example

namespace a
     struct Server
          Mutex mutex;
          void connect();

     void Server::connect()
          cout << "a::Server::connect()" << endl;  // "classNameComplete()" in my little template should print this, but i have

          cout << "" << endl;  // an empty string


I mean you have all Information, otherwise sorce code navigation cannot work.
So please just implement classNameComplete() or remove Expression from your list.


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