CLion saved my day!

Most of the time I come to support forums is because there are things that not working properly that I want to scream about or rant about. Well, today I come here for a complete different reason. I just want to say how greatful I am with CLion team for such a wonderful feature that has helped me to recover a day work. Due to fatique, some how I entered a wrong git command in a terminal. I entered a 'git hard --reset' instead of 'git checkout -- somefiles', as at that moment I thought it would be faster because I had a number of files to be reverted. How wrong I was because as the result I lost all my uncomitted changes that were still in the index (stage). Fortunatetly though CLion was still open and its background process detected the external changes of the source files and made a snapshot of every single changed/deleted files at that timestamp. I didn't know I could revert back files this way using CLion before, so you can imagine how relief I was. All the Google search result on the subject of recovering from git hard reset sent chills down my spine. Basically, my search result correctly pointed out that git reflog only contains committed changes history in HEAD so I was pretty much screwed up for good. Luckily, one of the result said check the IDE to see if it retains the old copies. And here I am, after a few buttons clicks away, giving praise to Clion. :)

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Thank you very much for such positive feedback!


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