Header search path??


I just tried version 1.1.1 for the first time. Suddenly, lots of directories in my (large) project tree are marked as "header search path" and colored all yellow. I do not understand what this is supposed to convey,  but I can say with certainty that these directories (and subdirectories) do not only contain headers. My search for an option to turn that behavior off did not yield any results. I for my part am completely sure that this feature is useless, as it does not convey any relevant information. Please allow me to turn it off.


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Hello Christian!

There is currently no option to disable header search path highlighting. Are you sure that this feature is useless for you? It indicates directories added in the header search path, so if you have, e.g.:

#include "foo.h"

compiler will search foo.h in the highlighted directories, so you can more easily detect project structure errors.

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I have at least found one option to disable something called "file highlighting" (or like that, I am currently on 1.0.4), which removes the coloring.

I have a large project with roughly 35 Targets, which all constitute "Modules" that are referenced somewhere and thus are part of some header search path. This means almost every directory is suddenly yellow and has the "header search path" marking. There is absolutely no information here that I dont already have, and the marking is simply annoying.



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