Unsupported JVM error when starting CLion


I am on OS X Yosemite and whenever I start CLion I get an error message saying "Unsupported JVM - Non-Apple Java is not supported, please install it from Apple's support page". If I click on "Continue" everything seems to work OK and CLion loads normally. Just a note I am using Java 8 from Oracle.

Is this error message some kind of known bug that will be fixed in future releases of CLion, or is there something I have to configure?

I should add I am also using PyCharm and IntelliJ successfully without such error messages. CLion is the only one showing this.


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Hi Iulian.

Previously, we didn't recommend to use JDK 1.7 or higher because they have number of issues that spoil user experience:

So, we've recommended to use Java 1.6 because it's also recommended by Apple.
But now we recommend to use bundled custom JDK 1.8 where some of the issues fixed. You can find it on CLion download page.

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